Painting East Point’s City Hall teal!

Receiving a Proclamation from Mayor Pittman declaring National Ovarian Cancer month in honor of Karene C. Pace

Teal We Find A Cure!!



Spreading Ovarian Cancer Awareness with The Assassin Beauties Kick Ball Team


Beating Ovarian Cancer: How to Overcome The Odds and Reclaim Your Life                 by Chris Bledy








Washington Ovarian Cancer Conference with Doctor Benigno B. Benedict; Author of        The Ultimate Guide To Ovarian Cancer

Fighting Ovarian Cancer through spreading awareness & supporting those in the fight!

The Karene C. Pace Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.!
Working hard to eliminate Ovarian Cancer!!

















In the community spreading awareness, day-by-day, person-to-person.

TEAL is HOPE! Ovarian Cancer Conference in Washington, D.C.