All donations to The Karene C. Pace Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc. are greatly appreciated. The funds are used to further cancer research, establish motivational events/projects for cancer survivors and their caregivers and to support community Ovarian Cancer awareness programs.

Please keep your receipt for tax purposes.

Your Gift Supports:

$10.00 – Provides Ovarian Cancer symptom cards to continue our mission to raise awareness throughout the community;
$25.00 – Provides gas for a cancer survivor to get back and forth to doctor/chemotherapy appointments
$50.00 – Provides  lunchbox delivery to an in home hospise Ovarian Cancer Survivor and their caregiver (feeds 2 people)
$100.00 –  Provides a Teal Toolkit for a Cancer survivor or a toolkit for a caregiver
$250.00 – Assists with Community Health Fair Awareness Initiatives
$1,000.00 – Provides a custom hair piece or custom made wig for a cancer survivor going through Chemo (wigs are handmade specially for survivors, with survivors input and survivors’ design)

Teal We Find A Cure!